When the outbreak of COVID-19 was declared a national emergency in March of 2020, schools immediately began to shut down to stop the spread of the virus. This left most U.S. school districts scrambling to come up with work from home solutions for their students and faculty.​

As a public service to school districts and other organizations needing secure remote access to their network-stored files without the need for a VPN, Condrey Corporation made its Aurora software trial software licenses non-expiring for an unlimited number of users. Furthermore, Condrey Corporation offered free installation and deployment assistance. ​

While there were many schools that chose to deploy Aurora during this time, one particular school district that had been evaluating many competitive offerings to Aurora, recognized that the enterprise scalability, product features, and easy-to-use interface provided exactly what the school district needed.​

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Aurora was the means of securely distributing and turning in assignments, accessing faculty files, and more. Faculty, students, and their parents loved Aurora and even now with students back in school, the school district chose to purchase Aurora as its primary means of remote access.​