Even Non-Malicious Data Breaches Can Have Devastating Consequences  

By Buck Gashler / March 15, 2024 /

While searching for a file on the network that Linda needed to update for HR, she came across a document of more than 200 employees to be laid off from the company in the coming days. Linda hadn’t been looking for this information, and she had no idea how she had access to it. Linda…

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Love Data Week 2024

By Buck Gashler / February 9, 2024 /

When we learned that there is an International Love Data Week, we at Condrey Corporation were intrigued and had to find out more. According to the event’s FAQ, “Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine’s Day.”  Since its inception in 2016, there has been…

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Data Privacy Week Jan 21-27, 2024

Data Privacy Week

By Buck Gashler / January 19, 2024 /

Condrey Corporation strongly supports Data Privacy Week running from January 21-27, 2024. As summarized by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, Data Privacy Week “… is an annual campaign with the goal of educating the public about the importance of online privacy.” This education includes how personal identifiable information (PII) is used, regulated, and sometimes exploited. Technologist…

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September is World (and National) Clean Up Month

By Buck Gashler / September 18, 2023 /

Welcome to September! In the spirit of World and National Clean Up Day and month – which we support – let’s not forget the digital litter strewn about your organization’s file servers and storage devices.  Just as with the real world, you may be thinking about the best way to make an impactful difference. A…

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Automating Home Folder Creation with Your Identity and Access Management System

By Buck Gashler / July 19, 2023 /

The Condrey Corporation product that today is known as Senergy, got its start more than two decades ago as a project to automate the creation of user home folders as identity and access management (IAM) systems provisioned access to network applications. Originally engineered to work with Novell Directory Services (later renamed Novell eDirectory) and Novell…

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What is Data Access Governance? 

By Buck Gashler / June 20, 2023 /

The term “Data Access Governance” has been getting mentioned prominently in security articles and reports – especially in the last five years. With such attention, many wonder what Data Access Governance means exactly, and how it differs from similarly sounding terminology.  As with many technical terms, definitions among analysts, vendors, research organizations, and users tend…

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We’ve Updated Our Website for You

By Buck Gashler / May 20, 2023 /

By now you’ve noticed the updates we’ve made to our company website. Whether you’re a longtime customer or someone who is visiting us for the first time, we hope that you find the design, layout, and content useful. Because after all, our new website is a resource designed for you. If you’re an existing customer,…

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