Developed For Your Data Future

Condrey Corporation products provide significant value to organizations by enabling them to automate data access and governance tasks through identity-driven technologies. Instead of requiring the deployment of a large-scale proprietary system, our software is engineered to leverage your existing network hardware and software investments and to handle your specific requirements both today and in the future.

Integrated to deliver a variety of unique solutions

For more than two decades, Condrey Corporation engineers have been developing products designed to address an extensive and growing set of data access and governance challenges. When combined with other integrated Condrey Corporation products, these capabilities are much more powerful and become unique solutions for addressing very specific challenges pertaining to automation, Data Access Governance, ransomware protection and recovery, addressing ROT (Redundant, Outdated, and Trivial) files, and much more.

Condrey Product Capabilities

Data Management & Protection

Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Remediate Confidential File Locations

Manage Data Lifecycle

File Analysis & Reporting

Directory and File Data Reports

Permissions Reports

Data Visualization Analytics

Remote File Sharing & Access

Remote, Web-based Access to Windows Folders

External User File Sharing

Secure, Identity-based User Access

Group Governance

Real-time Group Membership Updates

Group Membership Based on Policies

Supports All Active Directory Group Types

Top-Rated Support Included

We offer customer care plans to meet your needs.

At Condrey, it is our goal to create a mutually beneficial and productive relationship with every customer that we have. Some customers need and/or desire a more connected relationship, whether that is from a Technical Support perspective or from the perspective of being more plugged in to the evolution of the software or the use of it for their specific needs. Our Customer Care program puts the choices in your hands to create the best opportunity for your success based on your needs. Lastly, this program affords Condrey the opportunity to reward our most committed and loyal customers.

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Identity Insight

Automated Data Management

Data Insight

Data Access Governance

Remote Access