Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

With our elevated customer care levels, you have opportunities to create the relationship and receive the benefits that best meets your needs

Plan Levels




Take it to a New Level

There's more to Customer Care than Technical Support. The addition of Product Management elements take it to the next level.

At Condrey, it is our goal to create a mutually beneficial and productive relationship with every customer that we have. Some customers need and/or desire a more connected relationship, whether that is from a Technical Support perspective or from the perspective of being more plugged in to the evolution of the software or the use of it for their specific needs. Our Customer Care program puts the choices in your hands to create the best opportunity for your success based on your needs. Lastly, this program affords Condrey the opportunity to reward our most committed and loyal customers.


Every customer automatically qualifies for a level of Customer Care based on annual spend.  Annual spend includes your combined spend for the year of all products purchased.  However, any customer is eligible to upgrade into a higher care level to achieve the desired level of engagement with Condrey.

Plan Level Silver Gold Platinum
Buy-In AvailableN/AYesYes
Total Annual Spend to Auto-qualify$0-$49,999$50,000-$99,000$100,000+

Product Management & Solutions Engineering

A very special part of our Customer Care program is proactively engaging with our Product Management and Solution Engineering teams. We are partners in helping you attain your goals. Product Management involvement allows us to connect with our customers as partners in the evolution of the software. Solutions Engineering allows us to help our customers get the very most from their investment.

Plan Level Silver Gold Platinum
Feature RequestsSubmitTrackingPriority
Beta Access--InvitationYes
Roadmap Access / Review--1 per year2 per year
Review and Planning Workshop--InvitationIncluded
Customer Advisory Board--InvitationInvitation
Custom Development$300/hr$200/hr10 hours included, then $200/hr

Technical Support

Of course Technical Support is a big part of our Customer Care offering. Our Technical Support team is invested in your success and their goal is to help you with technical issues you might encounter with the software. They have the backing of our engineering team when needed to resolve code defect issues. Issues that move beyond the scope of Technical Support may be handed off to Solutions Engineering as appropriate.

Plan Level Silver Gold Platinum
HoursM-F, 9am-7pm ESTM-F, 9am-7pm ESTM-F, 9am-7pm EST
Self HelpYesYesYes
Email SupportYesYesYes
Telephone SupportNoYesYes
Remote Session SupportNoYesYes
Remote Session Support Off HoursNo2/yr6/yr
Response Rate10 business hours6 business hours4 business hours
Maximum Non-Update5 Days10 Days30 Days
Named Support ProfessionalNoNoYes
Extended Version SupportNoYesYes

It's Your Choice

Pick the level that makes sense for you.

Just because you automatically qualify for a level doesn't mean you have to stay at that level. Pick the level that fits your needs and buy-in for a fee.