A large U.S. headquartered advertising conglomerate with multiple agencies has more than one hundred thousand employees and hundreds of partners in the management of its clients throughout the world. To manage the complexity of its global IT requirements, the conglomerate depends on an outsourced IT department for overseeing its hundreds of servers, on-site and cloud storage, global network maintenance, and user access to files. ​

The IT department has tens of thousands of group objects in its Active Directory forest and membership needs change all the time. The trouble was, the group management system utilized by the IT department at the time did not scale well and the scheduled changes to group memberships were not taking place or not taking place in a timely manner. The effects were workers and partners being unable to access the files they needed to do their work.​

Looking for a product that could scale to the conglomerate’s needs, the IT department found GroupSymmetry from Condrey Corporation. The IT people were impressed with the product’s approach of assigning memberships in real-time based on identities, policies, and Active Directory events.​

Most of all, the IT department saw that GroupSymmetry is engineered to provide the scalability to manage its tens of thousands of group objects, as it has now been doing for years.​