A U.S. based insurance company’s challenges of keeping sensitive account information located in unstructured data away from unauthorized users has been solved, thanks to a combined deployment of Galileo and Senergy for a Data Access Governance solution.​

Before deploying the two products, the insurance company did not have the confidence that all files containing personal identifiable information (PII) were being stored in the proper locations. That’s because records in the insurance company’s databases tended to be copied to word processing files and spreadsheets and then filed in agent’s home folders on the network.​

The process started with Galileo in identifying where these files where located. Once identified, the company used Senergy to create policies for either deleting the files or moving them to locations where only authorized users had access to the information. ​

According to the company rep, the changes have been positive and for the first time ever, they feel that that are following the company’s internal policies for data access and governance. “We identified the files and then secured them quickly.”​