Love Data Week 2024

When we learned that there is an International Love Data Week, we at Condrey Corporation were intrigued and had to find out more. According to the event’s FAQ, “Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine’s Day.” 

Since its inception in 2016, there has been a yearly theme for the event. This year’s theme is “My Kind of Data,” which can evoke all kinds of ideas. We’re eager to see what other companies, universities, thought leaders, and anyone else who loves data writes or posts regarding the theme. 

As a software developer of products that – among other capabilities – examines, manages, and secures data, our thoughts ultimately go to the value of proprietary data in an organization. “My Kind of Data” could be the millions of files in an R&D network share containing confidential pharmaceutical research or top-secret weapons development. “My Kind of Data” could be yet-to-be-released sales numbers of a large corporation or plans for introducing new products in new markets in the next fiscal year. “My Kind of Data” could be all legal documents pertaining to a high-profile trial or specific files for negotiations between two companies in a yet-to-be-announced merger. 

In each example above, the data is extremely sensitive and must be secured from unauthorized users both inside the organization and outside. And maybe you don’t work in any of these industries, but your organization undoubtedly has critical proprietary data that keeps the business operational and competitive. We tend to call this data the “crown jewels.” And just as a kingdom takes extensive measures to guard and protect its crown jewels, organizations should do likewise with its critical proprietary data. 

So how do go about protecting the crown jewels? Well, just as Guards at the Tower of London provide continuous protection to the British crown jewels, your organization’s crown jewels need the same diligent protection.  

At Condrey Corporation, we do this through Security policies in our Senergy product.  Policies are rules and settings within Senergy that indicate what storage-specific actions to perform when an event in Active Directory takes place or when enacted by a network administrator. Policies can perform an extensive set of data management actions including automatically creating storage areas, moving files, archiving files, deleting files, and securing files. 

For securing network shares or folders storing confidential, sensitive, and high-value data – the crown jewels – Security policies in Senergy can automatically:  

  • Inform network administrators and data owners of changes in access permissions 
  • Lock down access to a permissions baseline that is strictly enforced 
  • Provide and deny access based on group memberships 

If you Love [your] Data, you have to be willing to keep it secure and protected – especially the crown jewels that keep your organization running and competitive. Today, hundreds of organizations around the globe are automating their security and protection through Senergy and its Security policies. 

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