Secure External File Sharing

When partnerships, joint ventures, and other types of interorganizational relationships function well, they benefit everyone – including the consumers who ultimately purchase the finished products or services. Highly-functional B2B communication includes everything from emails, regularly-scheduled conference calls, and secure document sharing and collaboration. While the latter can be challenging to establish, Condrey Corporation offers a secure, easy to configure and operate solution for sharing data with external people. It’s a solution that today is being adopted by a variety of organizations involved in B2B.​

Safer than Public File Sharing Platforms​

Aurora from Condrey Corporation enables interorganizational document sharing and collaboration by providing the ability to securely share files with users outside your organization via an authenticated web-based guest access portal. Furthermore, you can avoid the limitations, constraints, and security risks of email or less-secure public file sharing platforms by accessing and sharing files directly from your network storage through the Aurora interface.​

User-Enacted Sharing

​Designed to look similar to Windows 10 File Explorer, the Aurora interface provides the intuitive means for authorized users to create and populate a shared collaborative folder. Users simply select the file or folder to share, identify the guest users, set permissions, and designate an expiration date for the shared folder. An email is then sent to the recipients with a notification of the file share. Each guest then registers their address in the Aurora access portal. After authentication, each guest has remote access to the shared folder on the Windows server, allowing each to complete the task at hand.​

No Size Restrictions

​​For security and performance reasons, organizations put limits on the size of attachments that can be sent in email. Even free web-based email services have attachment size limits. But there are no file or folder size limitations for sharing via Aurora. That’s because contrary to how you would in an email, you’re not sharing a duplicate version of the file, you’re sharing a link to the location where the file is stored on the organization’s network.​​

Provides Sharing Flexibility 

Aurora lets you set specific basic and advanced permissions for individual guest users. For example, based on their roles, perhaps one or two might be given Full Control of the shared folder, others given permission to download and upload files, and still others given only permission to view files rendered in the web browser.​