Massive Action

Performing Large-Scale Data Operations

Organizations are storing more data than ever. With over 80 percent of an organization’s data being unstructured data, larger organizations can be storing petabytes of word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations, media, and other files that need to be secured, moved, deleted, or archived. The challenge is doing so efficiently as large-scale operations.

Taking Action on Unstructured Data

Network admins and Line-of-Business Data Owners have myriad reasons to take action on unstructured data. Whether it’s moving data to secure locations to meet compliance objectives, migrating data in a server consolidation project, cleaning up ROT files, or archiving project files, the objective is to do so efficiently and without a lot of manual effort.

Aligning Your Priorities

Aligning the objectives of network administrators and Line-of-Business Data Owners can be challenging. The former wants ample storage capacity, the cleanup of unnecessary files, an optimized network storage infrastructure, and to meet compliance requirements. The latter wants assurance that files – especially those that are vital to the department – are  available for access by authorized personnel.

The Right Tools for the Job

Moving large amounts of data at once can be challenging enough, but maintaining all of the metadata, permissions, and file structure makes it even more so. IT departments not only need a reporting tool that identifies, based on their criteria, which files to migrate, but one that creates a workload file for doing so. Furthermore, these IT departments need an action engine that can take that workload file and implement the migration.  

Automating Massive Actions

To provide assurance that large-scale data operations are performed reliably and correctly, you need a data automation solution that is engineered to not only schedule and move large amounts of data, but a reporting tool that assures that the actions took place as directed. Senergy from Condrey Corporation can handle the most ambitious Windows file system archiving, migration, cleanup, and other tasks, while Galileo from Condrey Corporation can certify that the job was done accurately.