Control Data and Security

Network file systems are made up of millions of files stored in hundreds of thousands of folders. Some of these folders, however, are more important than others because they’re storing sensitive data that needs to be secured and protected. Data loss or unauthorized access from these “high-value targets” can be catastrophic.

Perspective of Data Owners

While IT personnel possess the expertise to set up and secure network storage locations, they do not have the knowledge that a department data owner has regarding the data that resides within these storage areas. Only data owners have the knowledge to identify who should have access to high-value targets, what those access permissions should be, and which areas need quick recovery protection in the event of data loss.    

Too Many Opportunities for Mistakes

When it comes to managing and securing data in complex network environments, there are too many opportunities for making costly mistakes – especially when performing these tasks manually. Lack of knowledge about files can lead to improper file retention or deletion, moving files can result in lost file metadata, and making an adjustment to the membership of a group can disable access permissions or even make an organization noncompliant to security regulations.