A software developer was in the process of consolidating servers and needed to identify those files that were relevant and needed to be migrated to one of the new servers, and those files that were less relevant and could be archived or deleted. They decided to base the migration decision on whether files had been accessed in the last year.​

The IT people decided to utilize the Tree Map tool in Galileo to get a graphical analysis of the stored data to help in the decision process. The Tree Map analytics tool graphically displays the contents of a scanned network file system in a hierarchical manner where larger files are displayed as larger rectangles and smaller files as smaller ones. Additionally, the Tree Map uses color coding to identify when files were last accessed.​

Working with department data owners in the review, all parties were quickly able to identify files that were still being accessed and files that were not. In fact, they learned that there were many files that had not been accessed in many years! ​

Information gleaned from the Tree Map helped the organization clean up a sizeable amount of data on the old servers before migrating the relevant data to the new servers.​