Provisioning and managing network home and collaborative storage folders for this U.S. school district of more than 10,000 students and faculty used to be a process that took weeks to accomplish. There were the student and faculty user objects to create in Microsoft Active Directory (AD), the access permissions to set according to each school and class, collaborative storage areas to provision with documents inside, storage quotas to establish, and much more.​

Then the school district heard about Senergy and its ability to automate all of these tasks and more through AD event-driven policies. Senergy offers a compelling value proposition to customers such as school districts that have a lot of user turnover or whose roles change frequently – automating the complete lifecycle of network user and group storage management from storage provisioning to storage archiving or deletion.​

A simple demonstration from colleagues at a trusted neighboring school district was all it took for the school district to justify the purchase of Senergy – conveniently discounted for school districts. ​

A few years ago, the school district performed an internal study the ROI of the Senergy purchase and ascertained that they were spending $5 to set up a new user and $2 per each change applied to the system. After deploying Senergy, the cost of setting up a new user and making changes to existing users dropped below $1. Considering the number of changes occurring each year, the school district is able to realize annual cost savings in the thousands.​